Before the Current ownership purchased the facility in 2012, it had been known as an exclusive training facility accessed primarily by professional basketball players. The new ownership sought to attract a broader range of groups and individuals to the facility to better serve the local community.


Quest is confident that its expanding roster of users furthers the positive culture on which the Mission of Quest is based. Its stellar effort to strengthen relationships and enhance society through sports lays the foundation for more positive opportunities.


Our Story

At Quest Multisport we treat everyone with the highest degree of dignity, respect, and appreciation. From young student athletes aspiring to greatness in our local community to internationally recognized sports heroes. 

We continually strive to set a positive example for all those who utilize our facility.

Our goals:

  • Provision of quality recreation programs

  • Support and development of our cities' youth

  • Assisting local community based organizations

  • Make Quest Multisport a valued part of our community

  • Meet and exceed expectations


Our objectives:

  • To provide exemplary customer service

  • To provide a safe and positive atmosphere

  • To assure our brand will be recognized as family friendly and community oriented


The four keys to our success:

  • Knowledgeable and qualified staff and management

  • Promote an inclusionary environment

  • Effective marketing of community events

  • State-of-the-art facility


Quest Multisport also seeks to aid in the economic development of the local community. We recognize that our venue has the potential to act as touchstone for the local community.

Quest Multisport's Mission

Quest hosts youth volleyball and basketball camps, clinics, and tournaments along with local private and public high school and grammar school practices and games.

We encourage the values of sportsmanship and the development of strong playing skills. We actively promote friendly relationships among the players, coaches, referees, and parents. We believe our facility gives the players the best chance of success and supports positive life lessons to help them succeed in the game and in life.

Youth Programs



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